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What is ‘Transitions’?

Everyone at HGID loves to write, and with two part-time bloggers on staff, we're not short on words or opinions.  A female firm of five, we are at once designers, readers, runners, travelers, cooks, mothers, artists, gardeners, movers, and shakers. We thrive on change, experimentation, and transition...because of the possibility they afford. This is a place for each of us to chronicle our observations about just that...whether about the process of taking a room from ‘before’ to ‘after’, or musings about how food, family, art, and culture are influencing our design lives.  

Tammi Floccare

The Dormant Fireplace:

The Dormant Fireplace:

If you've lived in an older home, you may have known the heartbreak of a fireplace rendered useless by a chimney filled in with concrete, or with a depth so shallow that any fire sends smoke pouring into the living room.  If this is the case, alas....it's time to let go of the crackling fire dream.

I've done so many things to address such a problem for clients, but  this summer I found myself creating an "installation" of books (turned page-side-out, which is key), marble vessels, and candles in my own neglected fireplace.


& AFTER (Chic!)

Store Promotion

Store Promotion

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I and Love and You

I and Love and You

The above title was borrowed from The Avett Brothers - do you know it? It is beautiful; here you go. I'll wait while you click that link so you can go listen to the song - come back when you are done.

How do you feel about Valentine's Day? Do you love taking a day to give attention and recognition to your special relationship and all of the hard work it takes to maintain it? Or do you feel like Valentine's Day and all of it's expectations is forced upon you by card companies and chocolatiers and jewelers? I am of a mixed opinion - I do think it is important to recognize the effort and importance of my relationship with my husband, and I wish I was better at regularly letting him know how much I appreciate all he does for me and our family; he also works hard at our marriage, and I am so thankful. So while I want to recognize the commitment we have made to one another, the standard Valentine's imagery of cheerful red hearts and loincloth-covered cupids just don't speak to me.

I prefer science - science and it's proven explanations is comforting to me. And so, the literal image of the heart seems a better match for me, aesthetically.

Would you display any of these around your home?

This wine decanter would be a great conversation piece -

These blown-glass vases are extraordinary -

This hilarious embroidered circulatory system would be great for a medical student (though I'd love it too) -

Here's a creative way to throw your dirty laundry on the bed and write a love note too. Just add and "I" before and a "You" after. This would also make a great art print -

And lastly, if you knit, this is a quick-to-make gift (from knitty.com) that has been warmly received in my past Valentine-giving experience -

Happy Valentine's Day to you, no matter what you think of the day, or my anatomically-inspired visuals. Wishing you a love-filled life.